Cello Recording Process

What to send

What will be delivered

  • Tempo map/ MIDI file of your project.

  • Full mix with the synth cello tracks to be recorded.

  • Full mix without the synth cello tracks. (This will be the track used to record with).

  • Synth cello tracks by itself for reference.

  • PDF of sheet music or MIDI file for each cello part to be recorded.



  • Send Logic files all ready to go!

  • The cello will be recorded dry in an acoustically treated home studio so that you can add your own reverb and other effects.

  • Mono or stereo tracks in the file format requested.

  • All recordings will be delivered comped and edited so you have a clean recording with the best takes ready to drag and drop into your mixing session.

  • Revisions are welcome as Gabriel wants you to be happy with the exact style and feel of the performance.

How to send

  • All files can be sent using DropBox or other file transfer method.

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