Energize music with a live performance.

The sound and performance of a live musician carries emotional power that audiences intuitively connect with. No matter how far technology advances, a live performance will always set apart your recording from the rest. 

  • Add a unique voice to your track.

  • Color and “sweeten” synthesized strings with live cello.

  • Bring emotional power to your project.

  • Boost the overall production value.

Finale to Colossal. Gabriel DiMarco, solo cello

The Colossal Finale.

Music by Bear McCreary featuring Gabriel DiMarco, cello.

Cello Recording Credits


Carlos Garza, Composer

"Gabe has been a valuable collaborator on several film score and album projects with Silent Orchestra. His playing breathes life into our original compositions. He has a unique ability to capture the spirit of our music and amplify the emotional depth well beyond the music on the page. I look forward to hearing this gorgeous cello sound on many future projects!" 

Johannes Ringen, Composer

“Gabriel is an absolutely pleasure to work with, not only is he a a-level cellist, but he also understands film and story telling!”

Grant Fonda, Composer

"As a busy composer working on projects with quick turnarounds in a wide variety of styles, it’s imperative that I get to collaborate with musicians who not only understand the process of recording for film, but are able to get to the emotional core of a score with poignancy in their performance. Thinking like a composer and a performer, Gabe delivers on both these levels with world-class quality. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Gabe as a principal cellist in an orchestral context and a soloist in a remote context, and it’s always a delight! His tone is exquisite and versatile, his demeanor is always easy-going, and his performances are musical and emotive!"

Freddy Sheinfeld, Composer

"Gabriel has become my go-to player for recording cello remotely. He has a great tone, and as a film composer himself, he understands what composers need and how to deliver these recordings. His studio sounds great, he is very professional and he can work very fast, so I know I can always trust on him when I’m in the middle of a deadline and there’s no room for error. I definitively recommend Gabriel for your recordings!"


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